Who Are We


Greater Aiken Estates Neighborhood Association (GAENA) is a volunteer organization made up of residents who either own or rent a home within the boundaries that have been set by the Association.  The boundaries are from Whiskey Road and Silver Bluff on the East to Vivion Drive on the West; Williams Drive on the South and Clark and Legare Roads on the North.

The purpose of the Association as stated in Article Two of the Bylaws is: to enhance, improve and beautify the GAENA area.  At the heart of this stated purpose is promoting the general welfare, safety, civic pride, and community well being of the real property owners, tenants, and residents in the GAENA area.  By fulfilling this purpose, it is the opinion of the organizing Board that we can generate pride and a better sense of community among the residents of this area of Aiken, SC.  We also believe that we can accomplish more when we speak as a unified voice when matters arise which may affect our neighborhood in a negative way. By working together as an Association we can make the Greater Aiken Estates area more attractive and appealing to prospective home buyers therefore being able to keep property values at a higher value.

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors which was first elected in March, 2006.  Elected members serve two-year terms and may be re-elected for one additional two-year term.  Board Meetings are held monthly.  General Membership Meetings are held in March and September of each year.  Funds for the Association are derived from Membership Dues of $30.00 per household.


(or what does your $30 buy?)

  • We have landscaped the first two medians on Hitchcock Dr., Williams Dr., and areas adjacent to Mitchell Shopping Center
  • We expect to begin landscaping on Kerr Drive in very near future.
  • We have appeared before the City council to prevent the entry of businesses into Aiken Estates.
  • We worked with DHEC and the City of Aiken to clean up areas which are potential health hazards.
  • We organize semi-annual clean-up days to remove litter and debris.
  • We organize annual neighborhood yard sales.
  • We have conducted neighborhood cook-outs the past two years.
  • We have a web page entitled greateraikenestates.org.
  • We have done and will continue to do service projects in the neighborhood to help residents.
  • We have notified realtors of the restrictions included in the existing covenants for some subdivisions.
  • We have informed the City and County of different problems and had them corrected.
  • We are educating different areas about organizing neighborhood watches in their subdivisions.
  • We stay in contact with realtors regarding relevant issues about homes and property in the GAENA area.
  • We have been meeting with other neighborhood associations in Aiken to discuss common needs.

We encourage you to join your Greater Aiken Estates Neighborhood Association!!